SOPA Behavior Based Safety Software
SOPA for Behavior-based safety SOPA for Behavior-based safety

SOPA™ – the Safety Observation
Performance Analysis

Let Behavioral Safety Services add some sparks to your safety process!

While SOPA™ is a major part of the Behavioral Safety Services, you are NOT merely buying software! With some vendors' products, you purchase a license for the software, which your IT Department then has to install on your servers and maintain, either by writing new code or installing frequent patches. And the IT Information Security department also has to worry about whether the BBS Software can be hacked, giving access to corporate computing resources and precious data. In other words, you are on your own. Good luck with that. But that's not the way it is with SOPA!

SOPA™ is a "web app" hosted here on our servers. As such, you can get access to it (if you have login credentials) from anywhere in the world. Your data are secure on our servers. There's not even the possibility that hackers can use entry into SOPA to break into the rest of your system.

SOPA™ is not affiliated with the SOPAjs application for panoramic sound or the SOPA component of E-chalk.

So what is SOPA™? – some kind of soup? No, SOPA stands for Safety Observation Performance Analysis. It's what some people refer to as observation tracking software, but it's more than that. We give you an easy way to enter your BBS data into the database. And then we provide a large number of charts and reports that let you see how your safety process is doing (what proportion of your workforce are trained to do observations, how many are actually doing observations, etc) as well as metrics for how your pinpointed behaviors are responding over time with safe vs concern scorings. Together, these provide important information on how your process is doing so you can take action to improve it.

There are two components to SOPA™.

  1. The first is an extensive library of scripts written in the ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) combined with some javascript, ajax, and SQL.
  2. The second is the SOPA Database, hosted on Microsoft's SQL Server 2008 system.