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Excellence through Behavioral Technology

Behavioral Safety Services recommends Quality Safety Edge to our clients who need help setting up or managing a behavior based safety process, or a period review of the health of their BBS process. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that SOPA® is closely aligned with the QSE methodology – Values Based Safety®:

A Pioneer in Behavior-Based Safety

Quality Safety Edge (QSE) is a pioneer in behavior-based safety with more than 25 years of proven results. Founder and President, Terry McSween, Ph.D., is recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities in behavior-based safety. He has written the seminal text and over 100 published articles on behavior-based safety. Staffed with Ph.D. behavioral psychologists and safety professionals, Quality Safety Edge has the expertise to provide you with the depth and experience required to implement original solutions.

A Global Reach

A global economy is no longer a future vision, but a reality . . . many will argue a necessity. However, doing business internationally now requires much more than mutual commerce; it requires in-depth customer and cultural knowledge. Quality Safety Edge has applied that knowledge to help clients in 27 countries achieve world-class safety cultures.

Customized to fit your organization

One size does not fit all! Many organizations attempting behavior-based safety struggle with unsuitable “off-the-shelf” processes. Although the core components of behavior-based safety are misleadingly simple to understand, adapting those components for diverse environments requires careful planning. This ensures that the elements integrate well with your organization’s culture. With over 1,200 implementations worldwide, in almost every type of business and industry, QSE’s consultants and project managers are particularly well suited for various cultural and organizational environments and will work collaboratively with you to design unique behavior-based safety solutions that fit your unique environment.

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