SOPA Behavior Based Safety Software
SOPA for Behavior-based safety SOPA for Behavior-based safety

Edited by Dr. Ken Stephens

  1. SOPA® Recognition Reports Sept. 2017. Using SOPA Recognition Reports is a key ingredient in safety processes that connect observing behaviors with improving safety.

  2. Multiple General Comments Sept. 2017. With as many as four general comment areas, observers can now enter several types of targeted comment that your safety steering committee would really like to see.

  3. SOPA-Scan® and SOPA Gold® Sept. 2017. We now offer two ways to enable scanning – the OCR method, and an alternative that uses checkboxes for letters and numbers! Both are accurate for BBS data entry.

  4. The Importance of Data in Behavior-Based Safety Sept. 2017. BBS is evidence-based. You never need to guess about what works and what doesn’t. Just measure it and you’ll know!

  5. SOPA Anywhere!® Oct. 2017. No matter where the action is and whether there is internet access, SOPA Anywhere! lets you record BBS observations where the employees do their jobs.

  6. Customization of SOPA® Sites Oct. 2017. The Pre-Setup Questionnaire we provide as we get you started is very important – it tells us how to configure the setup parameters, aliases, policies and checklists, which together determine how the SOPA site will work.

  7. The 4-tier Hierarchy and SOPA Roles Nov. 2017. The RAPC hierarchy has successfully modeled all of our clients’ organizations. The various SOPA Roles at each level ensure that employees can do what they need to do for the BBS Process to succeed, but do not have more power than they need.